About Us

The University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) provides a unique multidisciplinary computing environment to address some of today’s most pressing scientific and societal challenges. Led by distinguished researchers and supported by a cutting-edge infrastructure, UMIACS pioneers computational science involving national defense, precision medicine, big data, cybersecurity, language and culture, and much more. If your organization faces a fundamental problem that is best solved by the use of powerful computing tools, UMIACS has the expertise, history and capabilities to deliver a solution.

The success of UMIACS in catalyzing and excelling in interdisciplinary applications of computing is often attributed to: (1) identification and focus on grand challenge applications of computing with significant societal impact, (2) identifying and incentivizing outstanding faculty to excel in their research through rotating appointments, and (3) mediating interaction amongst interdisciplinary researchers through an outstanding computational infrastructure. We have developed the skill set and culture necessary for building strong interdisciplinary research programs, providing advanced computing research infrastructure, and first-rate technical support, which have greatly facilitated our national and international leadership role in multi-disciplinary computing.

The synergistic environment provided by UMIACS is currently enabling innovative collaborations between faculty from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Linguistics, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Aerospace Engineering, the Smith School of Business, and the iSchool.