Jonathan Katz

5226 Iribe Center
(301) 405-1226
Ph.D. (with distinction) Columbia University
Special Awards/Honors: 
National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award

Jonathan Katz is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and a Fellow in the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS).

His research interests lie broadly in the areas of cryptography, computer and network security, and complexity theory, with his most recent work focusing on secure multi-party computation, database privacy, and the science of cybersecurity. He has co-authored the textbook, "Introduction to Modern Cryptography" (CRC Press, 2007), and a monograph on digital signature schemes (Springer, 2010).

Katz received undergraduate degrees in chemistry and mathematics from MIT in 1996, and a doctorate in computer science from Columbia University in 2002. He has held visiting appointments at UCLA, the École normale supérieure in Paris, France, and IBM in Hawthorne, NY. He has been awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, given to outstanding junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars so they can further their research in their areas of expertise.

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