ADMS: a testbed for incremental access methods

TitleADMS: a testbed for incremental access methods
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsRoussopoulos N, Economou N, Stamenas A
JournalIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Pagination762 - 774
Date Published1993/10//
ISBN Number1041-4347
KeywordsAdd-drop multiplexers, ADMS, advanced database management system, client-server architecture, commercial database management systems, Computational modeling, Database systems, distributed databases, heterogeneous DBMS, incremental access methods, incremental gateway, Information retrieval, interoperability, join index, large databases, Navigation, network operating systems, Object oriented databases, Object oriented modeling, Query processing, System testing, very large databases, view index, Workstations

ADMS is an advanced database management system developed-to experiment with incremental access methods for large and distributed databases. It has been developed over the past eight years at the University of Maryland. The paper provides an overview of ADMS, and describes its capabilities and the performance attained by its incremental access methods. This paper also describes an enhanced client-server architecture that allows an incremental gateway access to multiple heterogeneous commercial database management systems