Building MRSEV models for CAM applications

TitleBuilding MRSEV models for CAM applications
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGupta SK, Kramer TR, Nau DS, Regli WC, Zhang G
JournalAdvances in Engineering Software
Pagination121 - 139
Date Published1994///
ISBN Number0965-9978
KeywordsCAD/CAM integration, design critiquing, feature recognition

In integrating CAD and CAM applications, one major problem is how to interpret CAD information in a manner that makes sense for CAM. The goal is to develop a general approach that can be used with a variety of CAD and CAM applications for the manufacture of machined parts.In particular, a methodology is presented for taking a CAD model, extracting alternative interpretations of the model as collections of MRSEVs (material removal shape element volumes, a STEP-based library of machining features), and evaluating these interpretations to determine which one is optimal. The evaluation criteria may be defined by the user, in order to select the best interpretation for the particular application at hand.