A framework for theoretical analysis of content fingerprinting

TitleA framework for theoretical analysis of content fingerprinting
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsVarna AL, Chuang WH, Wu M
JournalProc. of SPIE Media Forensics and Security
Date Published2010///

The popularity of video sharing platforms such as Youtube has prompted the need for the development of efficienttechniques for multimedia identification. Content fingerprinting is a promising solution for this problem, whereby
a short “fingerprint” that captures robust and unique characteristics of a signal is computed from each multimedia
document. This fingerprint is then compared with a database to identify the multimedia. Several fingerprinting
techniques have been proposed in the literature and have been evaluated using experiments. To complement
these experimental evaluations and gain a deeper understanding, this paper proposes a framework for theoretical
modeling and analysis of content fingerprinting schemes. Analysis of some key modules for fingerprint encoding
and matching are also presented under this framework.