About Corporate Partners in Computing

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The Corporate Partners in Computing Program (CPIC) is designed to establish mutually beneficial, strategic relationships with organizations that share a commitment to advancing the fields of computer science and interdisciplinary computing through collaborative efforts in education, research and technology development.

The program is jointly supported by the Department of Computer Science (CS) and the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences and provides increased engagement opportunities with our talented students, world-class faculty, and innovative researchers.

As a corporate partner, your company is recognized throughout the year and is well-publicized in a wide variety of venues including websites, publications, events, etc. The partnership program allows our team to develop a customized engagement plan with your company that can include annual recruitment events; publication and promotion of hiring opportunities; facilitated introductions to faculty and researchers; invitations to conferences, seminars, research presentations, and other special events; and more.

We have multiple levels of partnership to help meet your company’s desire and ability to be involved with CS and UMIACS. Annual partnerships start at $10,000. A three-year commitment is encouraged to ensure sustained, productive contact between students, the corporate partners, and CS and UMIACS. Additional contributions can be made to address other needs, such as scholarships, undergraduate events, symposiums, and support for distinguished faculty and classroom and lab improvements.

Givng Levels
$10,000 – Kilo Partnership
$25,000 – Mega Partnership
$50,000 or more – Giga Partnership

Additional Information
Industry plays a vital role in the overall success of CS and UMIACS. If you have questions or would like to visit with us about becoming a Corporate Partner in Computing, please contact Maria Johnson, corporaterelations@cs.umd.edu | 301.405.7990